Repossession Services

We are a full-service repossession company that combines our expertise in skip tracing with professional field agents to help locate people and recover their vehicles.  We service local and national credit unions, banks, auto dealers and lenders of all types.  We repossess all types of collateral throughout Michigan - cars, trucks, trailers, boats, equipment and more! Repossession assignments are reviewed immediately upon receipt and all information is verified by our skip tracers before field agents are dispatched - saving us both time and money.

You can use all of our services or just one the ones you need:

  • Extensive Skip Tracing
  • Lien Searches
  • Pictures and Condition Reports
  • Door Knocks
  • Repossession Notifications
  • Michigan Title Work
  • Onsite and Online Remarketing and Liquidation Services
  • Detailing Shop
  • Accurate Appraisal of Repossessed Collateral
  • Transportation