Collection Services

Michigan Creditors Service, Inc is an experienced, professional debt collection agency in Michigan and a member of ACA - the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and regulated by the Fair Debts Collection Practices Act.  We collect on consumer and commercial debts, including bad checks, for small and large businesses of all kinds and promise to represent you in a professional manner and maintain your public image.

As your Collection Agency, we agree to:

  • Mail a letter to debtor informing them that the debt has been turned over for collections
  • Contact debtor by phone to request payment arrangements
  • Mail monthly letters to debtor reminding them of the debt
  • Provided updated status reports upon request
  • Provide monthly activity reports with a check for your portion of the recovered debts
  • Accept your accounts on commission

Recover lost revenue now and let us collect your past-due accounts so you can focus on making your business more profitable!

Here is a sample Form that lists the type of information we like to receive before activating an account for collection.  Each form has space for multiple accounts.